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Kentucky Route Zero is finally wrapping with Episode V releasing later this month

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The fifth chapter will come bundled with all previously released episodes as the TV Edition, releasing on all modern consoles.


I’ll admit that this one is mostly for me. Ever since 2013 when the first episode of Kentucky Year Zero graced the world, I have been enamoured with the series, desperately looking forward to ever subsequent chapter that continued the story of truck driver Conroy as he makes his way down the weird and wonderful Route Zero. Excellent writing, stunning visuals and a tone that’s difficult to really capture in words, Kentucky Route Zero is one of the all-time greatest point-and-click adventure games. Making use of the trendy “episodic release” that was all the rage back in 2013, the first two episodes released fairly soon after one another. Then we had to wait a little longer for episode three in 2014…then a little longer for episode four in 2014. Then…nothing. Announced in 2017, we expected Episode five to release early 2018, a date which was missed. 2019 went past and nothing. It’s been a long wait.


Which is finally coming to an end as developers Cardboard Computer has announced that episode five of Kentucky Route Zero will launch January 28th, 2020 as a part of the game’s TV Edition which bundles all the previous episodes together and all the supplementary material released over the years. Published by Annapurna Interactive, Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition will come to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. If you’re wanting to prepare for the final chapter, I advise picking up the season pass on Steam which will include episode five when it eventually launches later this month.


While Kentucky Route Zero has a very passionate fanbase, I’ve yet to speak to many locals who’ve given the surreal adventure a try. So that’s my contribution to your life for the day. If you haven’t played it and want something weird, Lynchian and just utterly engrossing give Kentucky Route Zero a play and I promise that you won’t regret it.

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

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