Ketchapp’s stealing from more than just indies

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We told you recently about the increasingly notorious mobile publisher Ketchapp that seems to be building its fortunes by blatantly and flagrantly ripping off the work of other developers. While most of its targets have been indie developers – having cloned Threes!, Monument Valley and other popular mobile games. They – or at least the developers under their dubious banner – now seem to be stealing their ideas from the bigger guys. Their latest one? It’s ripped from Nintendo.

Ketchapp’s newest game (via NeoGAF) is an iOS title called “Catch the Rabbit.” It’s a simple premise, as these sorts of games often are.

“A mischievous rabbit has stolen all the golden fruits, try to catch the rabbit by jumping from platform to platform without falling! Collect fruits to unlock new animals.”

And it looks kinda nice, in that simplistic sort of way. Nintendo fans will instantly see the problem though. The odd, purple “Rabbit” and the gameplay in general is lifted directly from Super Mario Bros U.

“Offers In-App purchases”

In Nintendo’s game, Nabbit is a michievious rabbit-like thief, bedecked in purple and clutching a grab bag. When encountered in a level in Super Mario, Mario and pals have to chase him down, by jumping from platform to platform without falling. Of course, there’s no Mario, and the coins have been replaced by Acorns, because that would otherwise be too bleeding obvious.

Here’s what Nabbit looks like:



And while clones and stolen ideas are a common occurrence in the mobile games scene, it’s weird to see a publisher so damned dedicated to profiting off of other people’s ideas.

Last Updated: May 8, 2015

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