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Killer Instinct is getting a third season

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Killer Instinct, the new(ish!) season-based fighting game based on Rare’s classic fighting game series is pretty great. I’d never have figured that a season-based fighting game could work, but it does – with new characters, new modes and new features being added periodically – which you can purchase at will, or bundled together.

There have been two seasons thus far – with confirmation that a new one is on the way. New characters in one of the best fighting games of the generation to date? Sign me up. Best of all, it’ll be bringing Rash from Battletoads in as a playable characters. In fact, he’s available right now to those who own Season 2 as well as Rare Replay.

Killer instinct will also be making its way to PC soon, and any content you own on Xbox One will carry through.

Last Updated: August 4, 2015

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