Killer Instinct’s plan to curb ragequitters

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Spinal looks pretty buff for a skeleton

Double Helix Games has detailed that the next patch will “jail” frequent disconnectors in ranked multiplayer matchups. For people who are unaware of the problem, when in a ranked match, if someone was about to lose and they intentionally disconnect their internet, the matchup gets nullified and neither win or lose points.

The new system will put anyone with a 15% or higher disconnect rate in ranked matches in “jail” and put in matches only with other jailed people for 24 hours and a minimum of ten matchups. If they continue to disconnect, they could be jailed for up to 5 days or 120 hours. Any match they were in where they get jailed is also counted as a loss. There have been similar systems in fighting games before, but this reminds me of the good sport and bad sport system in GTA: Online.

The new patch also fixes up a bunch of bugs related to UI not displaying correctly and fixing bugged moves. It also adds Spinal as a character (pictured above) whose redesign looks nice, but I can’t help but feel that they’ve just made everyone, even a skeleton look more buff. Jago they just injected muscles on top of his previous muscles.

In any case, Killer Instinct has enjoyed some decent popularity in the fighting world due to its pick up and play feel and simplified combo system, while allowing for competition level depth in strategy. I hope this jail system works out, because as we know, online communities especially in fighting games are just a damn nightmare for anyone actually wanting to have fun.   

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Last Updated: January 31, 2014


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