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Killzone 2 – Final Build Video

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Killzone 2 is just around the corner and you can virtually taste the excitement now.

This game has been through hell and back to get to this point and after it is all said and done I really hope it stands proud. From these video’s you can clearly see that Gears of War it isn’t, the pace and movement reminds me entirely of Call of Duty and that other big Xbox game that starts with a H.

Sony have been looking for a Halo killer for some time and I am sure they are hoping this will be it, but in all honesty I highly doubt that it will. Halo just has that certain something that I don’t get at all but that millions of others love.

What does infuriate me though is that PSU.com already has their review copy and us poor sods in SA won’t be seeing a review copy until a few days after it’s official release. Unless that is we pretend we are actually a magazine…

Rant over, check below for more pretty video’s

And the opening sequence

Source: PSU

Last Updated: January 9, 2009

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