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Killzone 2 is my new favourite title

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Killzone 2

Yes I have ragged on Killzone 2 for quite some time now but all that looks about to change. So why the change in heart?

Well it has nothing to do with how absolutely amazing the game looks or the rave reviews that the beta testers are leaking, while those are good I am withholding judgement until it gets independently reviewed.

However some new news is just breaking and it seems that Killzone 2 is not going to have any install what so ever. That’s right the most graphically intensive game on the PS3 to date is going to work like a console game should and turn it’s back on the dodgy practice of installing.

If this is true then Killzone 2 may have actually found that rabbit in the hat I was convinced it would need to salvage it’s reputation.

According to Seb Downie of Guerilla games

“No install. Optional or otherwise,”

If Killzone 2 pulls this off then there is no excuse for anyone else and there will be no chance of me ever accepting these installs.

Source: PSU.com

[Thanks Geoffrey for the tip]

Last Updated: November 25, 2008

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