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Killzone 2: The best thing to happen to the Xbox 360

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Last night, I popped into Metacritic.com to see what the Killzone 2 reviews were saying and was not surprised at all to see that the scores were hitting the ceiling (although the fact that of the first 5 reviews, 3 were from official Playstation Magazines).

The game is scoring a 98% metacritic score at the time of writing, with three of the five review scores being 100%. Could the huge scores just be down to hype, once again. Will most of them look back and wonder if it actually deserved that much? To be honest, I don’t think that at all, I think the game is scoring so highly because from what I have seen of it, it’s visuals are astonishingly good looking and the gameplay looks like a riot.

The PS3 has needed it’s hard hitter. So far, there have been some really great titles on the PS3, but none quite like this. Sure, there is MGS4, but the truth is that it didn’t appeal to everyone. What the PS3 has needed is the equivalent of the new Box-Office Blockbuster, the kind of game that if it were a movie, Will Smith would try and star in it.

So, finally, the best thing to happen to the Xbox 360 has arrived ladies and gentlemen and it’s name is Killzone 2. You’re thinking, “hang on, this moron just said Xbox 360”.

Yes, indeed I did. More after the jump.

So, Killzone 2 may be the best game to grace the Playstation 3, the killer app, the have-to-have that will push sales and boost the Playstation brand. I just want to once again point out the incredible level of quality that I see oozing from this game every time I see more of it.

Xbox 360 owners should be jumping for joy. Finally, in this console war of proverbial tennis, Sony has put the ball back in Microsoft’s court by returning an absolute cannonball.

Picture 1.png

^ Killzone 2 shows off it’s graphical muscle with it’s in-engine cutscenes

I’m excited, Sony has finally found it’s answer to Microsoft’s offerings and it is now their turn to try and up their game.

Maybe, now that an incredible looking game with widespread appeal has hit the Playstation 3, Microsoft will get off their lazy behinds and actually make something that’s up to standard, rather than rehashing popular franchises.

We may actually see something special come out of the woodwork, not just another sub-HD, overhyped, shallow rehash of something that only became popular because at the time of the first titles release, there was nothing better to play… Oh, I’m sorry, what I meant to say was, “Halo 3”.


^ After seeing images of Killzone 2, or even Gears of War 2, you begin to realise just how out-of-date Halo 3 really looks.

While I am a huge fan of Gears of War and it’s multiplayer component, I can’t help but notice that it really does not live up to the expectations of a triple A title in anyway. Sure the graphics are nice, but the story is pretty terrible and the multiplayer is so riddled with bugs that it effects the very nature of the gameplay.

Microsoft needs to wake up. Killzone 2 is nearly out there and when it hits the shelves, people are going to flock to play it. It’s time to step up to the plate and make something that can match it, something that can keep up and maybe, just maybe, better it.

So, Microsoft… what’s it gonna be?

Last Updated: January 29, 2009

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