Killzone 2 to be released sometime… maybe even on time

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Killzone 2 Not delayed

Killzone 2 delayed Killzone 2 coming on time Killzone 2 coming, this year.

Recently we reported that Killzone 2 was being held back by Ster Kinekor locally because

“This was to ensure adequate promotional and PR coverage can be secured for the release”

Well as you can imagine this wasn’t taken well at all and it would seem like SK have listened to the community and changed their tactics. has reported that SK have confirmed that Killzone 2 will now be released on the 27th of February which is great news and it’s nice to see common sense winning this battle.

However we are yet to receive an official announcement from Ster Kinekor in relation to this and all the local retailers are still listing the 6th of March as the release date so don’t go cracking that champagne right now.

Maybe we should setup a betting book on local rumours and release dates as we are actually on a winning streak with this one and colour me cynical but I am not convinced that we are going to see Killzone 2 in stock on the 27th. Please say I am proved wrong though.

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

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