Killzone 2: Urban Gameplay Video – More Wow.

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Killzone 2 is causing quite a stir, and after watching videos like this it really doesn’t take any effort to figure out why.

The game is getting rave reviews from just about everyone and is being praised for not only it’s stunning visuals, but it’s gameplay and multiplayer modes as well. If you have somehow managed to still not actually see what the gameplay footage of this game looks like, then do yourself a favour and check this out. While there are possibly more visually impressive videos out there, this gives you a good idea of what the gameplay and visuals have to offer.

Killzone 2 is still nearly a month away, but if you own a PS3 and you aren’t putting any Killzone 2 money in your piggy bank already, you should really start considering it, because this is looking more and more like a must-have title by the minute.

Last Updated: February 2, 2009

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