Killzone 3 has guns… lots of guns

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So many, in fact, that Guerrilla Games has thought it necessary to release a list of them, complete with pictures, categories, factions and sight specs. The list even covers some of the equipment you’ll get to muck around in during the game; equipment like the StA-X6 Jetpack, which I still think looks like a flying mechanical spider of spikey death.

The full list is over on the European PlayStation blog. Head on over there if you want the lowdown on what you can expect to use to plaster the inside of a bunker with your opponents’ brain mush.  Personally, the Helghast issue VC32 Sniper Rifle gets my vote; it looks like you can bull’s-eye the tits off a gnat with that thing.

Source:  EU PlayStation Blog [via CVG]

Last Updated: January 25, 2011

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