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Killzone 3 is going to better investigate the Hellghast story

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The last Killzone story was interesting as it is one of the first games that I am aware of that portrayed you in what could be kindly described as “not the best light”.

In other words you are placed in the position of being an invader and while you believe what you are doing is correct it’s not a long shot to understand that you’re really not.

And it is just that premise which Guerrilla Games are going to be pushing harder in Killzone 3 as well as adding a possible civil war to the equation.

According to producer Steven Ter Heide who was speaking to Destructoid

“The thing about Killzone‘s storyline is that while it always takes a backseat to the action, you can learn a lot about its universe by carefully reading between the lines,” says Ter Heide. “When you listen to all the bits of Helghast dialogue in the previous game, for instance, it’s clear that they don’t consider themselves villains at all. From their perspective it’s the ISA pursuing the aggressive imperialist policy; they’re just defending Helghast interests.”

“That said, we’ve considerably ramped up the pace of the story for Killzone 3. We will show more of the Helghast side, their motivations and background. With Visari out of the picture, several potential successors are vying for control of the Helghast Council. Meanwhile, the remnants of the ISA invasion force want to get off the planet before their window of opportunity closes. These story arcs converge for an explosive finale. On top of that we have secured some great talent to play pivotal roles in the game, and through their delivery they really elevate the dialogue and story.”

It sounds like they have a great idea going and I am looking forward to seeing where they take it.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: November 15, 2010

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