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Killzone 3 leaked – Halo Killer copies Halo

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Over the weekend some details about the upcoming Killzone 3 have been announced and while it looks awesome I just can’t move past the fact that they have blatantly copied Halo.

This normally wouldn’t be such a bad thing but this is the title that gave itself (actually it was dubbed by the media as) the title ‘Halo Killer’ and lined itself up as the PS3’s version of Halo.

The Halo Reach beta has just completed and one of the bigger game changers in that beta was the inclusion of Jet Packs to allow for even more vertical gameplay. The response from the beta is mainly positive and the jet pack didn’t dominate but did add a nice new dimension to the game.

Killzone 3’s great new addition to gaming is… yeah you guessed it. A jet pack. I can imagine the Killzone developers were shattered when they heard that Bungie was also implementing a jet pack but since Bungie got the announcement out first I really do believe that the Killzone developers should have gone back and come up with a new idea.

Though it’s not all bad news as they have also announced that the game will feature a greater storyline for the Hellghast and we’ll get to see their side of the story which shows us that they are not pure evil and also have dreams and ambitions.

It was also announced that Killzone 3 will be fully 3D enabled (if you have a 3D TV) and I expect this mode to be fully shown at E3 2010 so keep an eye out for our coverage of that.

Source: PALGN

Last Updated: May 24, 2010

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