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Killzone Shadow Fall’s Insurgent Pack launches today

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I was pretty happy with Killzone: Shadow Fall, as that was my debut PlayStation 4 game. It had a decent story, and some superb multiplayer with a netcode stable enough to actually allow me to get some kills in for once. I pretty much stuck to the scout class in that game. But the Insurgent DLC is looking pretty enticing now.

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Insurgent Pack DLC, according to the PS Blog:

The Insurgent

The Insurgent is a brand new multiplayer class with two unique abilities: Steal and Hack.

Steal ability: The Insurgent starts out with only a pistol, but his ‘Steal’ ability allows him to swipe weapons and abilities from downed enemies. The use of stolen abilities is limited, but the Insurgent can continue to use stolen weapons throughout the game – even if he falls in combat.

Hack ability: By using the ‘Hack’ ability, the Insurgent can change enemy ground automata into friendlies, swiftly turning the tide of battle.

3 New Abilities

The Assault, Support and Scout classes receive additional abilities, which have been balanced against the existing counters and abilities:

E-Pulse Emitter: A deployable beacon for the Assault class that sends out an E-Pulse, making it difficult for enemy units to install automata in that area.

Tactical Echo Emitter: A deployable beacon for the Support class that sends out a Tactical Echo from a fixed location, making the area hard to infiltrate by hidden enemy units.

Guard Drone: A stationary buddy drone for the Scout class – deploy it in one place and it guards the location from a ground level.

3 New Weapons

Insurgent weapons (3)Insurgent weapons (1)Insurgent weapons (2)

These classic Killzone weapons are added for the Scout, Assault and Support classes. When dropped, other players can use them as well.

M82: The legendary ISA assault rifle makes a triumphant return for the Support!

STA-14: A sturdy Helghast battle rifle for the long-range combat arsenal of the Scout.

LS12 SMG Pistol: Also known as the M66, this sidearm for the Assault packs considerable punch.

2 New Game Modes

Campaign Elite Mode: The nightmarish difficulty of the Elite Mode will test even the hardest of warriors. Can you beat Killzone Shadow Fall’s single player campaign on the hardest difficulty level with only three lives?

Multiplayer Collectibles Mode: Insurgent Pack owners can hunt for online collectible crates during matches to earn points and win in-game rewards!

There’s also some personalization kit for the Insurgent, giving him a slight edge in looking fabulous on the battlefield. The new content will cost you $9.99 from today. A bit too steep a price for my liking, but hey, some folks will pay it.

Last Updated: April 2, 2014

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