Kinect already sold out at Gamestop in the US

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Microsoft is banking a lot of their gaming future on Kinect and they have made it abundantly clear that they see the release of Kinect as a bigger event than the release of the Xbox 360.

So stories like this must be making them all warm and fuzzy inside. According to a post on X2theg you can no longer pre-order a Kinect through America’s biggest gaming retailer, gamestop.

However all hope is not lost if you still want one as they are still accepting pre-orders for the 4Gb and 250Gb consoles which are coming bundled with Kinect.

The majority of the gaming news outlets haven’t been very kind to Kinect since Microsoft decided to focus mainly on the casual market but you will remember that the majority of gaming news outlets mocked the Wii as well and Nintendo has proven everyone wrong if measure success by a companies bank balance.

I’m excited for Kinect for the family entertainment value it will bring but am in no doubt that there will be no use for it in hardcore gaming for some months to come.

Source: x2theg

Last Updated: October 8, 2010

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