Kinect Feels The Oprah Effect – Sales Jump More Than Tom Cruise

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What can I say about Oprah… the lady loves making housewives rip out high pitched squeals the likes of which their husbands could only have wished they were responsible for.

A short while back, Oprah featured the new Kinect system on her overly popular show, ending it off by dishing out a free Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle to every member of the audience.

Shortly after appearing on the show, pre-order sales for the Kinect went through the roof. More news after the errm… *cough*… jump.

JoystickDivision reports that saw a sales spike of a whopping 42% for standalone Kinect pre-orders after the hardware was seen on the show, putting it in the no.7 position for all video game sales on their charts.

The Kinect console bundles also saw jumps, with the 250GB bundle jumping 43% in sales and the 4GB with 67%.

It’s pretty insane to see what someone like Oprah with a popular television show and a truckload of influence, can do for a product. We don’t know for sure just yet, but seriously, for all we know, Oprah may be the very reason that Kinect becomes a success.

Michael Pachter has also come out and said that while Kinect will do well enough, Microsoft will need to win the hearts of their hardcore audience if they really want the hardware to succeed.[pullquote]Microsoft will need to win the hearts of their hardcore audience if they really want the hardware to succeed.[/pullquote]

I personally feel that Kinect may find its source of awesomeness a little while down the road. Someone will do something really great with it, and the game will change, almost literally. However, Microsoft are looking for a strong launch to ensure that they get as many of these bad boys into peoples houses as soon as possible, so that they can take over the world.

Speaking of which, isn’t it about time that Microsoft starts marketing the living crap out of Kinect in South Africa already? Anyone seen any ads, billboards?

Source: Joystick Division

Last Updated: October 28, 2010

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