Kinect Gets its Own Stupid Accessories

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The Wii’s motion-controlled gaming (and to a lesser extent since the release of Playstation Move, the PS3) has afforded profiteering purveyors of perplexingly pointless plastic periphery the prospect of peddlling their preposterous products.  If you thought Microsoft’s Kinect – which is free from controllers of any sort – would be spared all manner of unnecessary accessory – you’d be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Kinect will be shipping with Kinect Adventures, a collection of mini-games, one of which is a game in which players jump about in a rubber dinghy. Atomic Accessories has deemed that reason enough to release release a “Kinect-compatible” inflatable “game boat” for use with the game. A goddamned boat!

This is what their website has to say, grammatical and spelling errors included :

Game Boatâ„¢ is de facto the first accessory for the peripheral which doesn’t need any. The first product in the Play Onâ„¢ line-up brings the entertainment of Kinect Adventuresâ„¢ game out of the tv set, directly in your living room! Game it Realâ„¢ ! With this real-size replica of Kinect Adventuresâ„¢’s awesome dinghy .
Size: 150 x 150 cm. Ideal to comfortably play in 2 gamers simultaneously, still without being clumsy in the living room. Easily inflated in a few minutes through the practical pump (included). Game Boatâ„¢ can also be used in the watyr, at the sea or at the pool, by children and adults.

Does it not kinda defeat the purpose of controller-free gaming, if you have to set up and inflate a goddamned BOAT? Please. Just make it stop.

Source : Kotaku


Last Updated: October 11, 2010

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