Kinect vs Move – Best and worst launch titles

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IGN has posted up a roundup of their Move and Kinect reviews and while it’s entirely their opinion it is interesting to see just how bad some of the launch titles were scored.

In general neither side blew them away with the top titles on both platforms peaking at 8/10. Kinect had 2 titles that scored a 8 being Dance Central and Kinect Sports while the Move only had 1 launch title with an 8, Eyepet: Your Virtual Pet.

The average review score for Kinect’s first 11 titles was a less than stellar 5.5 thanks to some pitiful scores by Fighters Uncaged (3/10) and Motion Sports Kinect (4.5/10)

However the Move didn’t get away lightly with both The Fight: Lights out and Kung Fu Rider getting 3/10 which brought the Move’s average score down to 5.2

In the hardware counts the Move has been rated higher than the Kinect by virtually all outlets.

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Source: IGN

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

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