Kinect’s setup manual scans: you’re going to need a bigger lounge

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When Kinect hits our stores in November, you’re going to want to make sure you have enough room to use it before you drop wads of cash. Kotaku has been given scans from what looks like the peripheral’s initial setup guide or Quickstart Sheet (you know, those bits of paper they stuff into new hardware packaging for the really impatient type who nonetheless feel compelled to read up on what they’re doing before they dive headfirst into their new toy).

The scans show how to hook up the camera to the older Xbox 360 model as well. The newer Xbox 360 Slims are branded “Kinect Ready” which until now I thought was marketing crap. Turns out they really are more “Kinect Ready” than the older iteration of Microsoft’s console, as the Slims will power the Kinect camera directly; plugging into the older 360 console will require an additional power plug.

So how much room will you need between you and the camera?

According to the manual scans, you’ll need 1.8m if you’re playing on your own. The moment you add a second player to the game then the manual recommends 2.4m! At 2.4m you better have a large lounge as well as a large TV so that you can see what’s going on in the game.

According to Kotaku, the manual offers some tips of how to get a better experience. Apparently, if the Kinect camera is having difficulty acknowledging you, you should try changing your clothes. If the clothes you’re wearing contrast with the background colour, then you’re good to go. So it looks like technology is becoming fashion-conscious; if I get a Kinect then I’m nicknaming it Tim Gunn.

Kinect will launch in South Africa on 10 November 2010 and will cost around R2000.00. Larger lounge is not included.

Source: Kotaku

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Last Updated: October 6, 2010

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