Kingdom of Amalur needs to be installed–Dev

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I try so hard to not get wound up by news stories relating to game installs on consoles but it just doesn’t happen. Yes I understand the technicalities around the idea but I hate installs and a game shouldn’t be gimped if it isn’t install like Battlefield 3 is on the Xbox 360.

Maybe I’m not as mad about this one seeing that it’s an RPG and that’s a far bigger game world that needs to be rendered on the fly but still if Skyrim could do it you guys really have no excuse.

But according to a KoA developer, Ian Frazier, has told OXM in no uncertain terms that to really experience KoA properly you are going to need to install the game.

If you have a hard drive, for the love of god, please install

If you’re on 360, please install. You will have much, much smaller load screens. Please, please, for the love of all that’s holy, install.

I think that’s pretty clear isn’t it? And before any PS3 fans start dancing a jig about this just remember it’s 99.999999% sure that you are going to be forced to install, so both sides are losing on this one.

He also went on to say the demo was far buggier and not as well developed as the main game. Apparently the demo was outsourced to a third party and the code that was used was a 3 month old build with only some bug fixes applied.

The final game obviously won’t be entirely bug free but he does feel it will be a considerably better experience than the demo.

Oh and while you are here I recommend heading over to our Q&A we posted with the Kingdom of Amalur developers just yesterday

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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