Kirsten Price tests whether the Kinect has any built in nudity screening

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Generally a porn star stripping off and playing games wouldn’t get much airtime on gaming websites… yeah who are we kidding this is like a guaranteed bucket of hits for very little effort.

G4TV has managed to convince adult movie star Kirsten Price to test out the Kinect in a variety of different outfits and lack thereof and it’s actually quite entertaining to watch.

All the naughty bits are pixelated out so while it may not quite be safe for work it’s not really that bad.

Kirsten gets extra points for also being the G4TV presenter at Sexpo South Africa that was held back on the 14th of November. It is apparently the biggest sexpo on the planet which is amazing seeing at that not 15 years ago the event itself would have been banned outright.

And double kudo’s for including furries in the video, something I am happy to admit I only learned about recently… and I thought I was pretty open and aware of the world.

Oh and no the Kinect doesn’t appear to screen for nudity at all.. you have been warned.

Last Updated: November 16, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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