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Kodoku and its piggies on the PS4 looks proper scary

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Someone say piggies?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: New-gen consoles are great for seeing new games. The one problem with having the current console cycle go on for so long, is that there have been far fewer risks taken with games and genres. Horror games might be making a return though, and you can expect the distinctly Japanese Kodoku to scare your pants off.

While the game is still a ways away, the Carnivore Studio developed title has some killer concept art which has all my hairs standing on end. Yep, even the imaginary ones on my smooth chest. Here’s some of that art to share the feels:

Kodoku (1)Kodoku (2)Kodoku (3)

Kodoku (4)Kodoku (5)Kodoku (6)

And then there’s the teaser trailer which fills me with the same amount of dread and revulsion that my last date must have felt during dinner:

Can’t see the trailer? Well lemme break it down to you, using my doctorate in thuganomics:

I have no idea how a head got so far up that ass.

Kodoku (1)

Rock Paper Scissors? I play Scorpion Grasshopper Boot.

Kodoku (2)

Feed ‘em to the pigs Harold.

Kodoku (3)

Dammit, my mom says I’m pretty!

Kodoku (5)

Even if that doesn’t scare you, you’ve got to admit that Kodoku is upping up the scale of weird usually found in these games. It’s also one of several new horror games on the way. We’ve got Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within on the way, and while it isn’t exactly new, PlayStation 4 owners get to kak bricks next month when Outlast gets released on that console, free for PS Plus owners as well.

Horror games ain’t dead. They’re merely resting, waiting for an eager consumer to come a little too close to their body so that they can do a good ol’ jump scare.

Last Updated: January 16, 2014

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