Kojima Productions Currently Hiring for “Next Gen Metal Gear Solid”

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Though I’m a huge fan of, and have spent countless hours playing with my own solid snake, I’ve never really taken to the Metal Gear Solid series. I’ve found them generally absurd, and unnecessarily convoluted. I am, however, a fan of Kojima’s other work – Games like Zone of the Enders, Boktai, Lunar kights and the more recent CastleVania Lords of Shadow are exceptional. I’m even pretty excited for the more action-oriented Metal Gear Rising coming this year.

Still, considering the MGS series incredible popularity, many of you would be ecstatic to know that Kojima Productions is currently hiring staff for a new Metal Gear Solid.

Konami’s posted up a job listing for Kojima Productions, looking for staff to work on the “next generation Metal Gear Solid series”. At the moment, Kojima’s very next game is supposed to be either Zone of the Enders 3 or Metal Gear Solid 5 – and he hopes to show off his new game in September at this year’s TGS.

Supposing his next game really is Metal Gear Solid 5, do you suppose that might be the “Next Generation” one Konami’s hiring for? Are we in for new consoles sooner than we thought? Probably not – but we’ll find out in September, I guess.

Source : Andriasang

Last Updated: January 14, 2011

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