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Kojima says that PS3 is a "Monster Machine"

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In an interview with Hideo Kojima (Creator of the Metal Gear Solid games) on a BBC program called “Click”, he discusses a few experiences that they had with the PS3 in its development phase as well as their opinion on the machines power.

He does admit that at first it was a lot of “trial and error” but that once they got it dialed, they really had the ability to push it to it’s fullest. With MGS4 looking so incredibly good, I don’t see anyone arguing with it’s capabilities when harnessed properly.

He goes on to all speak about how they had a heads up because they had a small part in testing and developing the console and goes on to say that “Since we’re developing only for the Sony format, of course Sony has given us a lot of advantage before the actual release of the hardware,”

With the news of Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360, rumours are starting to fly around that MGS4 may be headed to the 360 as well. If you ask me, it seems pretty clear that they are going to stay loyal to the PS3 and rightfully so.

However, the way things are going in the gaming industry these days, anything is possible.

source: videogamer.com

Last Updated: July 23, 2008

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