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Konami debunks rumours of the Silent Hill IP being bought by Sony

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In our darkest hour, when all seems lost and we’re desperately searching for an ember with which to warm our frozen souls, only one thought in our minds keeps us warm against the dread menace of an eternal night: The idea of Konami finally returning to Silent Hill. A couple of weeks ago, some of that sought-after spiritual upliftment was doing the rounds when a leaker with a solid track record tweeted that multiple new Silent Hill games were in the works.

And not just Pachinko versions either! According to the rumour, Sony was looking to flatout purchase Konami’s biggest intellectual properties since they weren’t doing anything with them, ranging from Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid to the titular Silent Hill. Even better, if Sony did wind up grabbing those game properties then chances were high that Hideo Kojima would be willing to give Silent Hills another chance…right? Most fans reading that news had this reaction:

Well sorry to spoil the party like a hope-snatching fiend from up on high, but Konami firmly debunked said whispers on the wind. Having originally given PCGamesN a public relations standard denial back in January to the tune of “we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title,” Konami has doubled down on that message. Here’s the soul-crushing message, via Rely On Horror:

We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear. It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.

Basically, that means two things: No, Sony is not buying the IP and handing it over to that Death Stranding fella. Two: Something is being done behind the scenes, but who knows what exactly. It’s a new Silent Hill Pachinko machine, isn’t it? Probably maybe. It’s a pity, but on the bright side at least without Sony’s involvement you know that the next chapter of Silent Hill won’t be a PlayStation exlcusive.

Although at this rate, it’s an exclusive for non-existence on every console under the sun currently.

Last Updated: March 25, 2020

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