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Silent Hill could be revived on the PS5 alongside a total franchise reboot

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This is it, folks. The big one. The one that I’m so exceptionally excited talk about because for the first time in a long while the rumours swirling around Silent Hill might actually be positive. Despite the game first being announced six years ago through PT, a short teaser game that many consider to be one of the finest horror experiences of all time, Silent Hills was met with a Cancel Axe as relations between publisher Konami and the game’s director Hideo Kojima soured over the course of that game’s development. Silent Hills has been seen as dead for many years now even though people still actively discuss how it could have been a bold new direction for the franchise. While we’ve heard nothing but rumours for half a decade now, it appears that there might finally be some good news for Silent Hill…


According to posts published by Aesthetic Gamer and Rely on Horror, two accounts that have a track record of confirmed leaks, a reboot of Silent Hill is currently in development over at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan. The project is being helmed by Keiichiro Toyama, writer and director of the original game, Masahiro Ito, the dude who designed all the nightmares in the first four games, and AKIRA YAMAOKA YEAH BOI GET HYPED, otherwise known as one of the greatest videogame composers of all time. He did the score for most of the mainline Silent Hill games and no one has been able to replicate that man’s sense of musical direction.


In terms of a revival for the fallen Silent Hills game, it sounds as if Sony is acting as a go-between for Konami and Kojima as they attempt to get the game back on track. The deal would provide Kojima with “full creative freedom” and may make use of Sony’s next-generation PSVR platform. Beyond that, there’s also a rumour that Silent Hills may play as more of a narrative adventure game akin to something like Until Dawn or Man of Medan. There are also rumblings that we might hear official wording on these projects as early as this month.

Please join hands with me, fellow horror enthusiasts and whisper a humble prayer to the Lords of Terror that we may be bequeathed with a brand new Silent Hill game.

Please Konami, do the right thing.

Last Updated: March 13, 2020

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