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Korea’s best Zarya was accused, and cleared of Overwatch hacking

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We’re slowly developing the competitive world of Overwatch with tournaments and leagues sprouting up all over the world. In South Korea, Overwatch has already challenged League of Legends which has, for the past four years, held the number one spot. Their professional community is tight knit and includes a lot of professionals from Team Fortress 2, and various other first person shooters. This tight community descended into chaos recently as a 17 year old female gamer taught everyone a lesson and was subsequently accused of hacking. After undergoing an investigation by Overwatch Korea and Blizzard she turned up clear, and even offered footage of herself playing and inevitably owning.

Why would a 17 year old require Blizzard’s investigation? Well, Gegury, as she is called, is currently the best Zarya in South Korea (possibly the world?) with a KPD of 6.31 and a win rate of above 80% with over 400 games played. Her team, largely due to her performance, won the Nexus Cup qualifiers defeating a number of well known professional Korean teams and this is where all hell broke loose. Her performance in scrims and other leagues were all up for debate, but as mentioned above all evidence came back clean and she really is just that  good.


Prior to Blizzard’s investigation two professional Korean players waged their competitive careers on the results of the investigation stating they would quit professional Overwatch if she came back clean. Well, she did and they quit Overwatch. While they stuck to their word, it doesn’t change the fact that Gegury underwent heavy emotional strain even receiving alleged death threats from one of the professional players, but this has not been confirmed. The following was mentioned in the Reddit post which broke the news.

“Yep, ELTA and Strobe from Dizziness quit, first they said that everyone from their team would quit the team, however the team leader on Artisan (Who is 32?) has been very generous and given Dizziness players grace. However with the giant uproar in community, it’s pretty impossible for the primary instigators ELTA and Strobe to keep on going so they resigned. (Strobe also made a death threat I think),” said user Calycae who originally posted the thread.

The footage she offered shows undeniable skill. It’s over an hour long, but it really takes one half of a map to see just how good Gegury is. I just wish people wouldn’t find it so incredulous that women not only play games, but that they can be damned good at them too.  One day.

You’ll notice her movement and map awareness is incredible. It’s no doubt that Gegury has some serious skill and her Zarya was so good it caused two professional players to quit. Zarya is not an easy tank to play, and quite frankly her use of both attack skills is near perfect. This entire saga has brought some harsh, yet heart-warming awareness to her and her future is looking bright. Right now I’m excited to see how Gegury performs on the world stage against top European and North American teams when we finally get a major international event. Perhaps BlizzCon?


Last Updated: June 21, 2016

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