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L.A Noire PS3 vs Xbox 360 face-off

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So you’re a multi-console owner wondering which version of Rockstar and Team Bondi’s latest smash hit to get, unconvinced that the fact that the PS3 version comes on a single disc as opposed to 3 is reason enough to sway your purchase. Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry is here to save you from making a purchasing mistake.

In another of their infamous face-offs, they’ve compared the PS3 and Xbox versions of the game. Which comes up trumps?

Both version are, by all accounts, nearly identical. There is a slight difference in shadows and lighting on account of the different implementations of SSAO – Screen space ambient occlusion, an effect that adds depth through means I’m not even going to pretend I understand. The Xbox uses the effect in  more subtle way, while the PS3’s is more defined and noticeable.

Unlike most Rockstar games, which have had a tendency to underperform on Sony’s console, we see a bit of a reversal; the 360 version, overall, has slightly lower performance when it comes to frame rate, as well as a poorer draw distance. If you have the option, the single disc and extra free content makes getting it for the PS3 a no brainer. If you only have the 360, don’t feel too put out. According to DF the differences, in practice, are negligible.

Well, that’s if you can play it at all in between the crashes and freezes you’re not experiencing because they don’t exist.

Read the full face off here.

Last Updated: May 24, 2011

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