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L.A Noire: The Collected Stories – First short story available now (for free!)

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As a lead up to the release of L.A Noire, Rockstar in a partnership with Mullholland Books are releasing a series of short detective stories called L.A Noire: The Collected Stories.

If there’s anything to get you in the mood for the upcoming game (that looks great by the way, read our hands-on preview here), then it’s this. The first +/- 4000 word short story released is titled What’s in a name by the award-winning Jonathan Santlofer, and it’s available for free, right now.

Hit the jump to find out how to get it.

According to Rockstar’s site:

Well-known artist and award-winning writer Jonathan Santlofer, who has often explored the dark psychological makeup of criminals and sociopaths, here crafts a tale of murder and identity that is both heartbreaking and terrifying.

If you wan’t to grab the PDF to read later, or on one of your many wonderful little electronic gadgets, you can do grab it through the link below, however it’s also available to be read online for those that require or prefer it.

Download the PDF for L.A Noire: What’s in a name?

Read Online on Rockstar.com

I can’t wait to get my hands on L.A Noire, but for now, these shorts will have to do. At least the short stories aren’t so big that they have to be spanned onto 3 DVDs, which is a plus I guess, but after seeing the amazing trailer for the new facial animations, we are more than happy for them to use as much space as they need to make it so.

According to the site, on June 6:

the complete L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories which will be available for download at all major eBook retailers

Source: Rockstar via Joystiq

Last Updated: May 9, 2011

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