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Lactic Street Fighter III 3rd Strike DLC incoming

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Not long ago, we had a lively community debate about whether or not Capcom was milking the Street Fighter franchise for everything it’s worth.

I think we can safely put that argument to rest…while Capcom squeezes Street Fighter’s udders with its cold, cold hands.

I have no problems whatsoever with the re-release of Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike itself. It’s a fantastic, deep fighter that’s been ported with love and care. It’s got a ton of new features, including challenges, replays, tournaments modes and most importantly, online with GGPO netcode to make the online experience as seamless as possible.

It’s the first time the game’s gotten an online component, and because Street Fighter III came during a waning period in arcade history, it’s the first time many people have access to the game – and that’s cool, and totally worth its asking price.

What’s not as cool is that they’ve already announced paid for DLC for the game – and the first of it is a ridiculously repulsive colour pack that does nothing but add new colour costumes for each fighter. Capcom’s also promised more colour packs down the line.Within "the next month or so" you’ll also be able to download music packs from the previous iterations of Street Fighter III (New Generation and Second Impact), though you’ll probably have to pay for each music pack separately.

Milking? No…I think they’re trying to extract blood.

Source : Capcom Unity

Last Updated: September 1, 2011

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