LAGza South African Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Results

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Local gaming community website LAGza hosted their second Xbox 360 Super Street Fighter IV online tournament this Sunday past, and after some really crazy matches, the results are in.

The grand finals put local gamers Poddle (Dhalsim) and Twobop (Ryu) up against each other, but it wasn’t the first time they had faced each other in the tournament. In earlier stages of the tournament, Twobop beat Poddle, sending him to the losers bracket and winning his next games to make it straight to the grand finals.

Poddle then battled his way out of the losers bracket to gain a place in the grand finals against Twobop for a final battle to take the top spot.

Just so that you understand, because Poddle came up from losers bracket, in the grand finals he needed to win twice to win the tournament, essentially sending Twobop to the losers bracket and then still winning again in the next set.

The finals took place on Sunday afternoon with Poddle taking the top spot with 3-0 / 3-0 victories that earned him the win, putting Twobop in second and ZeroTombstone in third.

Congratulations to both Poddle and Twobop for making it to the grand finals and a thanks from the SF community also goes out to LAGza for hosting a smooth and successful tournament.

Anyone interested can check out the brackets here and the official tournament forum thread here.

[Just a side note: We were hoping to get some of the replays up on the site, but they have not yet been uploaded by the community members ]

Last Updated: August 2, 2010

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