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It’s your last chance to buy Alan Wake

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Alan Wake, from Max Payne developer Remedy, was in development for what seemed like forever – finally finding a home on the Xbox 360 five years after it was announced. Years later, it was released on PC as well.

Though it may have had a few broken gameplay elements, if there’s any one thing that Remedy’s impressive survival horror Alan Wake did, it told a story and did it well.

It may have implemented a used trope: the tale of the writer writing his own nightmare – but it worked incredibly well in a videogame setting. Alan Wake delivered intense psychological horror, fear, suspense, panic, and urgency. It also featured the things intrinsic to a good story – wonderful character and plot development. If you haven’t played it, you should, even if it is a little dated.

It’s your last chance though. After today, Alan Wake will be pulled from digital and retail stores. Citing music licensing issues, Remedy has said that today, 15 May, is the last day that you’ll be able to buy Alan Wake. It’ll be yanked from Steam and Xbox Live by today’s end.

If you haven’t picked it up, it’s available on Steam for close to nothing and can be bought (before 7 pm today, local time) for just R 31.90. You can’t buy lunch for that. The collector’s edition will set you back R 35.90, while the full franchise on Steam (which includes Alan Wake’s American Nightmare) is just R40.90.

“If you have not yet played Time Magazine’s 2010 Game of the Year, now is your final chance. Remedy’s Alan Wake is going offline from stores. This is due to the expiration of music license agreements for the game. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is not affected.

If you already own Alan Wake – like the majority of the gaming population out there – you have nothing to worry about. The game will stay in your library and continue to work for you.”

Last Updated: May 15, 2017

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