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Last of Us story DLC revealed

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Left behind

I adored The Last of Us – I thought it was a brilliant game. However, I had no desire for them to make a sequel, or add any DLC. The story feels complete to me. The new story DLC goes in a different direction – it’s a prequel.

Here is the video reveal for the DLC titled The Last of Us: Left Behind, launching early next year.

Based on the trailer, it seems that you get to play through events before the main game, when Ellie was hanging out with her friend Riley. However, for those who played the game, we know what ends up happening between Riley and Ellie. I’m not sure I want to play through that emotional roller coaster when I know how it will end.

I honestly think they could have picked more interesting characters to explore. How about letting us play through the story of Ish? Or find out more on Bill – how did he end up owing Joel a favor and what exactly happened with Frank? This seems like a poor choice of side story to tell; I don’t need yet another game playing on a Riley effect.

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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