Last Weekend to enter the Comp and win free games

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Okay this is the last weekend to enter the limited edition Altair Statue competition.

The rules have slightly changed from the original posting as some of the guys who sometimes write for the site also wanted to enter. So in the interests of fairness and transparency I will no longer be judging the comp.

I will send through the top reviews to our new third party judge (who will not be named until afterwards) and I will remove the names and details of the reviewer. This way there can be no bias.

Remember not only are you writing for the chance to win the statue but also to become an official reviewer for which bring with it fame, fortune and free games… okay so you won’t be famous and I can’t pay you… but you do get free games.

So send through the reviews, you have nothing to lose… Oh and no you don’t have to have finished the game to enter. I wouldn’t want you ruining your enjoyment just to try and make a deadline… that’s not how gaming is meant to be…

All reviews need to be sent to [email protected] before the end of Sunday… That’s 12pm our time (CAT)

Last Updated: December 14, 2007

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