Lightning Returns FF XIV costume

As you all know know, Lightning Returns is not high on my list. Despite being a Final Fantasy fan girl, this game just does not look that good. But look, there’s a new trailer to win us over. Oh, but it fails.

For your viewing pleasure, check out the various costumes that Lightning will be wearing upon her return:

Apparently, each costume is linked to a different ‘schema’ and will be based on her specific abilities. Maybe this will be fluid and add something new and beneficial to the game. However, I am extremely skeptical about this. Also, it doesn’t sit right with me for her to get costumes from across the Final Fantasy franchise – don’t dress up as beloved character, become one yourself!

Let’s just hope that the game is so great, they decided to add costumes as a bonus. It certainly won’t just be a way to disguise the fact that the game isn’t very good… right?

Last Updated: September 16, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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