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Latest Japanese Hardware Chart – End of July 07

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The latest sales reports are in from Japan and one thing has changed considerably…

Wii – 77,169 (Down 9000)
PS3 – 28,829 (Up 16000)
360 – 3,872  (Up 1200)

Can you spot the change :), it looks like the PS3 might finally be taking off in Japan… This sudden leap in sales can be attributed to the release of Hot Shots Golf 5 but lets hope it continues….

The Xbox is also slightly up but I think everyone knows that it is not going to make any real inroads in Japan in this generation… Nothing can touch the Wii yet…

It’s a strange situation we find ourselves in when we think it’s a good thing that Sony was only outsold by 2.5:1 this week.. The Wii really took everyone by suprise…

Link to Total Gamer Zone: Latest Japanese Hardware Chart (News)

Last Updated: August 3, 2007

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