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Latest MK Legacy Episode 'Raiden' Is A Return To Form

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We are now halfway into the Mortal Kombat Legacy web-isodes and while a lot of fans have been enjoying the short vids, there have been very justified complaints about how the series has completely deviated from the original “Rebirth” pitch that had a more gritty, realistic take on the MK universe.

Director Kevin Tancharoen has brought us a new episode that is far closer to the original content that intrigued us, and he begins the episode with the following statement:

The following episode represents my different take on the Mortal Kombat universe.

I think it combines the perfect amount of gritty realism mixed with a hint of mysticism.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Has he found the formula that we have all been waiting for? Watch and tell us what you think.

Previous videos in the series:

Watch Episode 1 featuring Jax, Sonya, Kano, Stryker here

Episode 2 (Jax, Sonya, Kano continued…), Episode 3 (Johnny Cage) and Episode 4 (Kitana and Mileena part 1) here

and Episode 5 (Kitana and Mileena part 2) here.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth original short movie pitch

and if you like these, you may also like the very awesome and similarly titled Street Fighter: Legacy short film here.

Last Updated: May 19, 2011

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