The latest Pokémon GO update allowed just one nickname change, and I’m forever grateful for it

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Pokemon GO name change

The recent Pokémon GO update came packed with a host of excellent fixes and features. Though I don’t have access to it yet, I like the look of the new tracking system, and I do appreciate the return of the battery saver mode. My favourite change by far however, came from something so simple – the fact that I could change my nickname.  Granted, Niantic made provision for just one edit, but that’s all I needed.

You see, I’m rather fond of my nickname, ‘HairyKnees’. It’s one I’ve worn proudly since high school (the reason why I got it there is pretty self-explanatory I think), and one I’ve always used, always, in any facet of my life that allows it. My email address for example features it (I’ll need to get a more professional sounding one day I suppose), as does my online gaming persona.

Naturally, when Pokémon GO rolled around, it was obvious that I would choose ‘HairyKnees’ as my trainer name. To my dismay though, it was taken.

Being in a rush to get in on the action however, and thinking I could edit it at a later stage, I chose something off the cuff – ‘PeriPeriPorra’. Admittedly, that is an excellent nickname for me, but imagine my shock when I realised that Pokémon GO would never allow me to rename my trainer, ever.

I swallowed that horrible pill and lived with my newfound identity for a while, but it soon started to annoy me. Team Instinct aside, who’s going to take a gym seriously if it’s headed by a bloke called ‘PeriPeriPorra’? Nobody, that’s who! I lived with this shame for close to a month, before finally, Niantic, the gracious gods they are, updated the game earlier  this week and allowed for just a single name change. Oh happy days!

Funnily enough, ‘HairyKnees’ still didn’t work (whoever the hell took my name, I hate you), but something else did. It’s close enough that I feel no shame in using it…


This whole saga got me thinking – am I the only one attached to my nickname to this degree? I’ve literally used nothing else in all my years of online gaming, and I have no desire to change my identity anytime soon, if ever. I am genuinely surprised that I had such an issue with not having access to it in Pokemon GO.

What value is there in a nickname anyway? What for example, prompted Geoff to name himself ‘Wobbly Onion’, or Alessandro, the ever impressive ‘xXxN0sc0p3_Joker360xXx*’? Would they ever want to change those identities, or are they attached to them for good?

And what about you? What nickname do you have, and where did it come from? Are you attached to it as I am to mine, or do you always make up something new on the fly and really don’t care (I’m looking at you, ‘ConstipatedTampon’)? I am genuinely curious to hear your thoughts, so please be so kind as to share them below.

*Ok it’s not that bad. It’s just Joker360.

Last Updated: August 11, 2016

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