Latest sales data from America.. Wii falling?

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It’s not often that you outsell all your competitors and people start acting like it is a bad thing… however take a look at the sales ending the 8th of December

Wii  239,413 (-26%)
360 256,249 (+2%)
PS3 160,374 (+3%)

The change percentage is a week on week change from the 1st of December.. See something odd?

So why the big drop? Well Wii-fit was released in Japan and we expect to see a huge increase in their sales so I think they just didn’t give the American market enough consoles… Nothing nefarious.

Sony will be happy that they are staying about 160k and not falling since the price drop but won’t be overjoyed that they are still being beaten by the 360.

Microsoft will most probably be content.

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Last Updated: December 13, 2007

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