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Lazygamer community party / event

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Okay so yesterday I was at the Brightwater Commons panicking over our festival setup and then I remembered we are also having a community event on the same weekend (17th of December, it’s a Saturday starting at 7pm).

Seriously which moron tries to do both at the same time with little to no prep time.. anyway so with that in mind I headed off to find a nice place to have our event and stumbled across Scrooges Diner and I for one think it’s perfect… but there’s a catch.

I need to know how many people are probably going to come, now I know we have the guy in the corner who swears blind he will come and yet won’t and the cool kids over there who will just rock up but if you could be so kind as to mark on our Facebook event page (or in the comments below) whether you will attend or not.

At the moment we have 33 confirmed and 14 maybe’s and I know a few who are coming even though they haven’t replied on Facebook so I’m looking at about 50 so far.

I’d really like to book a spot for a 100 people so invite your friends.

Oh and as for what we are going to do at the event, well that’s still entirely up to you. I’m going to try and get some of the consoles from the festival upstairs to the venue so Nick can show off his Street Fighter skills and Geoff can drool over something by Nintendo.

We also have a projector where we can indefinitely repeat Darryn’s home video’s or something even cooler and then we’re going to put a small amount of cash down to get snacks and a couple of drinks for people.

But generally you are going to be buying your own stuff. The prices are pretty standard and the foods pretty awesome.

So that’s that, please come and say hi and have a drink or 10.

Last Updated: December 7, 2011

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