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Lazygamer debuts on Xbox’s COD: Ghosts Podcast

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I have been making fun of the guys who have featured on the Xbox podcast (lovingly calling it a knobcast), mostly out of pure jealousy. You see, despite promises that I would be invited, it just hasn’t happened yet. But on Monday night, I not only got to go to an awesome launch event, I finally crashed through that glass ceiling.

That’s right, I made it on the Xbox South Africa podcast as the first woman. But that’s not all – some of our awesome and veteran community members also had a shot at the mic. You should go listen to it here.

Thanks to the guys at g3ar, I can actually show you a picture of my podcast recording. However, you should be advised that the giant smile and random laughter heard on the podcast may have been a result of a wookie flashing his nipple at me during recording.

Call of duty ghosts 4

Big shoutouts to the guys who put the launch together. Megarom, Monster and LW Mag did an awesome job bringing industry, press and community together in their love of COD. I loved the different demographic apparent at this launch – it’s not often you see guys in muscle shirts at gaming events, and they balanced out the sexy promo ladies nicely.

Now, go show your love for the episode and demand that Lazygamer gets more podcast time. I think the wookie and I made such an impression on poor Graeme that he will be forced to bring us on for an episode soon, but if you comment on SoundCloud, you cannot be denied! Power to the people!

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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