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Lazygamer gets social and is rewarded with swag

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I’ve been trying to get out more lately. I still needed to hand in my woman card due to an absolute inability to last through the evening in heels, but I got to see the launch of the LG G3 as well as have a fun evening with the ladies of Geek Girls dinner.

Last week Wednesday, I went out to Melrose Arch and attended a delicious and networking-filled dinner with a bunch of other geeky ladies at Pigalle. In reality, there were a bunch of mommy-bloggers (I’m still not quite sure what that is) and marketing ladies for tech companies, but it was still a bunch of fun, especially as I wandered around with Sam “Tech Girl” Wright while she filmed this hilarious video:

Considering the heavy bag of swag that I got, I figured I’d do a glorious unbagging video for you all. However, before I could get that far, I ended up getting invited to this fabulous event – the LG G3 launch. Just check out this red carpet.
LGg3 launch

It wasn’t just about the red carpet, I learned all about the new G3 – mainly, simple is the new smart. LG has done everything possible to make the phone as easy to use and simply brilliant. Here are some of the guys who know way more about it explaining all the cool stuff you should know:

Upon returning home with my second box of swag in as many days, I had to sit down and unbox/unbag them both. So, here’s the awesome video of me showing off all the rad stuff that I got. Yes, I know this is a lot of video in one article, but I’m sure you’re all just so happy with how awesome the content is – besides, at least my cats are in yet another unboxing video.

Last Updated: July 21, 2014

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