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The D

I’VE BEEN TO THE DANGER ZONE! It’s time. Time to kick some ass. Time to kick all of the ass in Mortal Kombat X, an arena which is perfect for such boot-to gluteus maximus shenanigans. And as Lazygamer’s ultimate warrior, I’ve found my first victim. I hope you’re ready….Dave.

You might know Dave. He’s the guy behind that Super 2 Bit show. Which is more like Super 2 Butts, AMIRITE? OH YEAH! Thing is, I’ve never had a beef with the other D in SA gaming. I’ve had no reason to ever call him out. Until he set my Tekno-Meisie on fire in an attempt to make her better at Mortal Kombat X. Sorry hon, no amount of fire in the world will help you get better at games. Or a car battery attached to your testicles to help you up your click-rate in StarCraft. Trust me, I know.

So here it is Dave. Here’s my challenge:

You and me, mano a-mano. There can be only one, and if you can smell what I’m cooking, you’d realise that I’ve spend way more time playing games than instead of being in a kitchen and learning that oil is highly-flammable. Are you ready Dave? Are you ready to take down the Lethargic Lothario of Lazygamer? The sledge-hammerpants maestro of destruction? The fart-break kid?

I’ll be waiting for you Dave. Bring your best kombatant.

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Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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