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Lazygamer.net is looking for an intern. Are you up to the task?

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Lazygamer.net is growing and as such you people expect more from us…but the advertisers refuse to pay more, which means only one thing.. We are hiring a totally unpaid intern for a 6 month stint that will hopefully end with a job, or maybe not.

Apparently with postings like this we need to go through all the benefits and then sucker punch you with the crap side of the position.

So here we go, it’s unpaid. We may give you a t-shirt. You need to pay for your own Internet access and we are annoyingly demanding about most things.

Wait I did that wrong didn’t I?

Gamescom 2014

Gamescom 2014, in Cologne Germany, is on the horizon and we desperately need someone to hold a camera and point it at our pretty faces, check the sound quality and wave your hand like a professional so the developers think we rock.

That’s the prize really. We will cover your flights, accommodation and bare basics of food and water for Gamescom 2014 which happens in the second week of August this year. To be eligible we need you to be over 21 years old (or prove your maturity and be over 18), you need two hands to hold camera and be physically able as a convention week is way more taxing on both your body and mind than you think.

You need to know about video games. No we don’t need some expert who thinks they are the greatest gift to the industry; If you can pew pew pew in Call of Duty that’s enough to be considered.

You need to know how to write. We are going to expect articles and reviews from you in the run up to the convention and in the post close-out. Just because you write better than me proves nothing; you need to really know how to write. I got a freebie on that one.

You need to be based in Gauteng OR be willing to cover your travel expenses from whatever backwater you live in to O.R. Thambo. And yes Cape Town is a backwater, we all know that. Those are the bare necessities you require to apply for the position.

Extra Requirements

If you want a better chance of winning then these are the things we’d love to see

  • Video Editing Skills (proof please)
  • YouTube knowledge
  • Amazing camera face and personality
  • True story-writing abilities
  • Industry Contacts
  • Passion
  • EU or US passport or visa. Not required but definitely helps regarding costs and timing
  • A thick skin. No whining about feelings in this job. Our job is to offend you, your religion, your beliefs and your family.

So that’s it, if you are interested and think you can bring something worthwhile to the group please drop an email to [email protected] with some or all of the following.

Application Requirements

  1. Video you recorded and edited
  2. A video game review, of any game.
  3. A video game news article
  4. Video of yourself ONLY if you are interested in being in front of the camera
  5. Something that makes your application pop.  Seriously, use your imagination

If chosen you will be expected to provide at least 5 articles orvideos a week in the run-up to Gamescom to convince us that you are committed and won’t flake on us at the last minute. Oh and you need a press pass so you need to be press, which means actually writing and contributing.

If you’re more of an Internet warrior then please feel free to leave a comment demanding what skills the Intern must have and how they need to be initiated.

Last Updated: June 18, 2014

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