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Lazygamer Tournaments: What next?

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The first Lazygamer Tournament finished up last week Friday with a fair amount of success and being praised as the most successfully run tournament on the PS4. I am particularly proud of this feat and it has opened the door to further tournaments and opportunities which will hopefully grow even more. So statistically how did we do?


Twitch and Tournament stats

Gavin setup a Lazygamernet Twitch account so we could stream the semi finals and finals. We were meant to just test the capabilities of the router Telkom provided us by streaming one of the first round matches. This of course snowballed once it was proven successful with numerous team requests so we ended up streaming the matches we could, all the way to the finals. In the end we achieved approximately 16 and a half hours of streaming. During the course of the tournament we ended up with 87 channel followers and 968 collective views of the matches streamed. The finals brought in the highest concurrent viewers of 84 which is impressive for a tournament and stream that was setup that month. For perspective, the last finals I watched for a well established South African CoD tournament only brought in 30 viewers. The tournament brought in 36 teams and 142 players making it the biggest Call of Duty tournament held on the PS4. All round good stats but what now? With success Lazygamer can only grow the channel further with the a few new targets in place and knowledge of what can be achieved, I personally want it to grow a lot more. Any support by the community in viewing the channel and participating in tournaments helps in building the competitive scene in South Africa.


Next Tournament?

Gavin is already being inundated with requests and questions of when the next Call of Duty Tournament on the PS4 will take place. We had a few discussions over more of our favourite drinks and decided that the best way to do it was to let the readers and people who want to play choose the next one. So we have added a straw poll here for you to make your pick. Once we know what the community has decided on we will then start the process to get things in place to make it an even more successful tournament. So cast your pick and let’s see:

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Last Updated: March 5, 2015

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