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League of Legends gets major overhaul in Preseason

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Riot is looking for your feedback on some major changes coming to LoL. Ranging from role and map changes, to towers and gold overhauls, LoL is going to be a very different game.

This Preseason, Riot is “evolving, refining and polishing League of Legends.” So what does that mean? There have been some major changes to specific champions, as well as to roles in general:

Supports often fell behind other players in income, levels and lategame impact. We’re addressing these concerns by heavily adjusting support gold to put more money in the pockets of duo-lane supports. Along with this, we’re making changes to help core support champions scale their utility instead of their damage, and reinforce their unique identity while opening up new items that put all the new gold to good use and make their impact felt in late-game teamfights.

We feel that high-utility support-style junglers are in a solid place, but champions that rely on high damage – often known as carry-style junglers – suffered from relatively low income, fell behind on experience and had fewer itemization options before preseason. We’re adding new masteries to address this discrepancy, as well as adjusting overall experience flow and changing up previous incarnations of jungler-specific items.

I’m particularly interested in the change to Turrets and Inhibitors. Global gold for destroying an outer turret is going down, but the gold given to the individual champions destroying said tower is increased. However, inner turrets yield more global gold. This is aimed at encouraging the laning phase early on in the game. However, late game should see a massive improvement to the change with Inhibitors:

One of our goals this preseason is to reduce snowballing, so we’ve lowered inhibitor death timers and removed the global buff to all enemy minions when an inhibitor’s destroyed. We don’t want to minimize the accomplishment of destroying an inhib, however, so lanes with a destroyed enemy inhibitor will now spawn stronger and more durable minions.

Add to this Trinkets, vision ward changes and even build changes with new Masteries and Spells – it looks like League of Legends is taking things to a whole new level. Are you excited about these changes? Will this be changing the meta? Here is a video (for those who like them) all about the changes:

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Last Updated: November 19, 2013

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