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Leaked God of War footage shows incredibly fluid combat

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God of War is coming to the PlayStation in just about a month. Now a father, Kratos and his son are going to slay an entirely new pantheon. Sony hasn’t shown very much of the game, but it looks like some very nice direct capture footage has leaked out. It shows Krato’s new Mjolnir-like axe quite nicely, showcasing the game’s fluid combat. The footage comes ahead of a preview event’s embargo that’ll be up today. Expect previews soon.

“All God Of War games have had a very fast and fluid combat, so for this game it’s like when you jump in there, it’s a little bit slower than previous God of War games but it’s just as fluid and just as brutal as its ever been. Basically now, the player we kind of expect him to think about his surroundings a little more, think about how Atreus can help him with combat and help with enemies. We expect you to have a little bit more moment to moment decision-making than in the past because you do have to watch your backside a little bit.”

Take a look: Spoilers, obviously.

Last Updated: March 19, 2018

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