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Left 4 Dead Reviews Coming In and Looking Good

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So then, we are midway through what could be called the most incredible release line-up in gaming history and to make things even more interesting, it’s right in the middle of a worldwide financial crisis.

With all of the games that have been released and indeed, a few more on the way, our poor little wallets and credit cards are cringing in fear as well decide on how much debt we are happy to sit with. This week sees the release of Left 4 Dead, the zombie infested, action filled, not-so-randomly generated gore-fest from Valve that promises to bring gamers a co-operative experience like no other.

But promises are one thing, what is actually delivered is another. I went to go and check the first review scores that have been released and it looks like the wallet is going to have to prepare itself for one more hit.

Check out some of the initial reactions, after the jump.

To give you a rough idea of the initial reactions, IGN have given it a 90/100 saying that:

“There’s absolutely no doubt that Left 4 Dead is one of the most social and exciting multiplayer games that we’ve ever played. It’s almost pitch perfect in how it captures the tension and the action of a Hollywood zombie movie.”

Then there is the reaction from the Official Xbox Magazine that has slapped it with a mighty 95/100, saying:


Left 4 Dead’s simplicity offers purity of gameplay – the same reason that gamers keep returning to classic arcade games. Come to think of it, with a handful of levels and unpredictable events happening within them, Left 4 Dead has more in common with “Ms. Pac-Man” than just the eating. It’s the same thing over and over – but when simple ingredients are perfectly prepared, what could be a mere snack becomes a feast. This one just happens to be on human flesh. [Holiday 2008, p.32]

With the lowest score of the four released reviews being a 90 and the highest being a 95 I think that it will be well worth your while to take notice of Left 4 Dead, because it looks like we might have somewhat of a gem on our hands.

Keep your eyes peeled for our review soon.


Last Updated: November 18, 2008

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  1. PC version is superior, I will get that one.


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