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Left for Dead killed the Steam servers?

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Ah, Christmas, the season of generosity and gifting. If, like me, you have been enjoying the Steam sale, you have seen some awesome deals in the flash sales or via community voting. However, Valve decided to go above and beyond, and seemed to have stretched their capacity.

It all started on the Left 4 Dead blog, where it was announced that Left for Dead 2 was free until 10AM PST on 26 December:

It will be free as in, grab it now, pay no money, and it is yours to keep forever – FOR FREE!

To claim your L4D2 gift, all you need to do is install it.

If you don’t install, it goes back to its regular price and you miss out! The zombie apocalypse is more fun with friends so make sure to tell all your mates to install it as well.

That’s right – it’s still available for us in SA until 7pm this evening. Well, if you can get Steam to work, that is. It seems that many people followed that blog’s advice and told everyone they know to go install it. For the rest of us trying to get Steam, and particularly the Steam Store to work… it was not good for anyone’s christmas cheer.

Over on Is It Down Right Now, a site that tests Steam and determines if the problem is on Steam or if it’s “just you”, it appears that while Steam didn’t completely crash, many many people were experiencing problems. I was particularly frustrated as I wanted to buy Shelter on the Community-Voted flash sale. It seems I wasn’t the only one who noticed – my favorite tweet about it came from Good Old Games:

Did Steam make you feel like the grinch this Christmas? Did you experience this problem, or were you already happily oblivious in-game when it all went down? At least their game servers didn’t seem to be affected – I still happily re-earned some CIV 5 achievements I lost when I split my account off from my husband’s. At least that helped my holiday cheer. Although I am a bit worried about how Valve is planning on boosting capacity – if they’re releasing Steam Machines and the Steam OS into the wild, do they have the ability to handle all the extra demand?

Last Updated: December 26, 2013

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