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LEGO Marvel Avengers – Stan Lee in peril guide

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Face front true believers! If there’s one thing that LEGO games are masters at, it’s cameos. Last year’s LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham featured none other than the 1966 Batman himself, Adam West, stuck in numerous situations of imminent doom and danger. This year, it’s one of the founding fathers of the mighty Marvel style, the greatest comic book ambassador alive who happens to be in peril. The Generalissimo himself, Stan Lee, needs your help in LEGO Marvel Avengers. If you can find him that is. Which you totally can, with this guide. Excelsior!

Below is numerous details on where to find the creator of the No-Prize, with video links from the League of Awesome Geeks embedded in the titles, in case you need some visual help as well. NUFF SAID!

Struck off the list

In the opening area where Captain America has to destroy the laser batteries while Iron Man plays a game of Resogun, go to the far right of the screen where you need to destroy one of those devices. Stan Lee can be found hanging from some bars behind the fires.

A Loki appearance

After Loki steals the Tesseract and you find yourself in the underground garage, the generalissimo can be spotted trapped inside of a truck at the bottom middle of the parking bay.

Rail Hydra

Not exactly difficult to find Lee here. He’s right by the treadmills, but he’ll be down for the count after you’ve sabotaged them. To free him, break the blocks on top of him, hit the scanner near the punching bag and use a character with telekinetic powers to move a smoothie on over to him. ‘Nuff said.

Shakespeare in the park

Work your way to the top of the SHIELD helicarrier and destroy the satellite on the far left. Assemble the blocks into a catapult and use a speed character like Quicksilver to launch yourself onto the far right side. Lee can be spotted balancing on an antenna, and you’ll be prompted to bring up your scanner. Scan the blocks and a SHIELD drone will come rescue the Marvel big cheese.

Helicarrier Havoc

In the SHIELD helicarrier after the Hulk has gone on a rampage, use a character like Vision to dip under the support structures. Destroy the obstacles by using the explosive skills of another character and you’ll have freed Stan Lee once again.

Avengers Assemble

In Manhattan, go to the pile of rubble and bring up your scanner. Switch to a character who can use grappling skills (like Hawkeye) and remove some of that debris to find Stan Lee stuck inside of his car. There may be some fires to put out as well, so to switch to Captain America and bash ‘em out.

Earth’s Mightiest

At the top of Stark Tower, use a stealth skill character (Black Widow, nick Fury) to get to a higher point on the right that is guarded by cameras. Defeat the three Chitauri soldiers, and save Stan Lee from a long fall.

Lack of insight

On the street where various goons are firing on you from the bridge, smash the blocks on the far left to create a ladder that Stan Lee can climb down on. Success!

Ready A.I.M Fire

On the Tennesee street, go to the far left near the snowman, and smash open the car stuck in the snow to help the mighty Marvel meister out of another jam.

Lost in the Aether

In the Asgardian jail, Lee can be found in his own cell (WHAT DID YOU DO STAN?) to the right. Switch to a character like Vision, go through the grates at the entrance to his cell and then set an explosive on the structure in the middle to free him yet again.

No strings on me

In Tony Stark’s penthouse apartment, you’ll find some gold brick walls behind the bar mirror. Smash the mirror, switch to a character who can cut through gold bricks. Use the bricks that fall out of that gap to build a device, turn it on and save Stan Lee’s empty stomach with an endless stream of milkshakes.

Anger management

In the Captain America flashback, go to the far right of the stage and switch to a power character like the Hulk. Remove the debris in that corner so that Stan Lee can dance with Peggy Carter. Probably.

Korea prospects

After the train smash, climb the ladder to the top, beat a few enemies and go the back right. Extinguish the fire, and rescue Stan Lee from the flames.

Rise of Ultron

In the fourth area where you need to rescue civilians, Stan Lee can be found in a derailed train, stuck behind some glass. Use a sonar ability character to smash the glass and get Lee out of this revoltin’ predicament.

Ultron undone

In the ruined church where you make your last stand against Ultron and his forces, Stan Lee can be rescued one more time when you smash the blue blocks to the left that he is trapped under.

Last Updated: February 4, 2016

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