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Lengthy Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer explains why people hate you

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided 101 trailer explains everything(2)

Adam Jensen might not have asked for any of this, but thank goodness his discontent didn’t get in the way of Deus Ex making a resounding comeback a few years ago. Human Revolution was exemplary, aside from a few balancing niggles with the game’s bosses. A satisfying RPG with great action and consequence, it was a given that we’d be getting a sequel. And after suffering multiple delays, Square Enix and Eidos are ready to start getting people excited for Mankind Divided.

Jensen is back, and this time he’s at the heart of civil unrest that is putting regular humans against augmented one in a whole new light. Taking a place in a task team investigating escalating terrorist attacks around the globe, you’ll be (hopefully) playing as the only impartial party in the argument – making sure that your fellow augmented kind aren’t taken out for crimes they didn’t commit.

There’s a lot of world building that takes place after Human Revolution as a result of its ending, and the new trailer does a good job of setting the stage. Even if it gives away a lot of the beginning of the game.

It’s not only society that has changed in the world of Deus Ex either. Just like a teenager going through puberty, Jensen quickly discovers that there’s more going on in his body than he previously expected. Turns out some of those unwanted augmentations included some experimental military-grade ones, which allows you to go invisible, encase yourself in an impenetrable shield and more. A narrative reason for why you couldn’t do half of this stuff in the game before.

Eidos really want Mankind Divided to be an evolutionary step forward from Human Revolution, improving some of the game’s minor faults while blowing up the scale. Side missions will matter a lot more this time, and every one of Jensen’s actions will have an impact on your story. You’ll interrogate suspects, make branching decisions and have the game adapt to your playing style as you go.

If it all manages to click in the end, Mankind Divided could be shaping up to be a massive GOTY contender. It’s out in August this year.

Last Updated: April 29, 2016

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